King Thobus

The King of the free humans, Thobus's deceased father, Rohfeer, was a key member in the Brotherhood of All.


HP: 5000 Mana: None Reflex Saves: 5/13 Weapons: Broadsword of Kings, Weak Flails, Weighted Throwing Axes (Made by Blacksmith Garendorf), Spare Lightly Poisoned Dagger Armor: Average Chainmail (Made by Blacksmith Garendorf), Iron Bracers Top-Notch Boots, Chestplate of Kings, Helm of Kings, Steel Mesh Gloves(Previously Owned by Rohfeer), Abilities: Call Reinforcements, Noble Sacrifice, Valor (Passive), Royal Heritage, Honor of Ten Men, Call On Experience Attack Bonus When Fighting: Dark, Betray, Poison, Mindless Undead


King Thobus is the old and much-loved king of the free humans. Betrayed by his general, Thobus was forced into battle in General Forknoose’s stead. The free humans fear for their king, as he is not as young as he used to be. But King Thobus has a secret that he will tell none of his subjects, and that’s that his father, the late Rohfeer, was part of the secret Brotherhood of All. This order was an ogainization created when the world was threatened by a great Shroud. The members of the order belonged to almost all of the races, even the ones who were enemies stopped fighting and joined together to fight their common foe. After King Thobus’s father died fighting a group of humans who thought the Brotherhood was unspeakable called the Crimson Truth, the leadership of the Brotherhood was turned over to Lord Sergus, Warlord of the carillians. Thobus has connections with many of the Brotherhood’s former members, including Gorethank, a powerful rogue undead who is still in hiding. Thobus

King Thobus

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